Second hand clothes and used shoes unsorted or sorted by: Season, gendre and quality.

High quality second hand and used clothing and shoes from luxury brands and current Fashion. Worldwide delivery, at top prices and without middlemen! We offer German quality of old clothes and used shoes. Request your non-binding individual offer now.

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We offer second Hand clothes and used shoes of top quality and prices!

Original Second Hand Clothes

Original Goods – Unsorted

With us you can buy second hand clothes as original goods. Our original goods are untouched, contain all qualities and are sold directly as container collected goods in the original bags. On request it can also be delivered in bales.

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Sorted Second Hand Clothes

Second Hand Clothes – Sorted

Beside original goods we also offer sorted used clothing on request. These can be put together as a tropical/summer and winter mix in different qualities from Grade A to Grade C. We will gladly send you our price- and the packing list.

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Used Shoes – Sorted

We offer summer or winter shoes sorted as a mix for the different markets. We only sort out single shoes, useless shoes and garbage. In the bags you will find all qualities from Grade A to Grade C as well as men’s, women’s, children’s and sports shoes!

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Unsorted Second Hand Shoes

Used Shoes – Unsorted

You have a sorting company and need used shoes as untouched original goods? Our collection is exclusively from Germany and contains all qualities from Grade A to C and includes men’s, women’s, children’s and sport shoes.

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Used Bags

Used Bags & Flea market products

Are you looking for used bags to sell at flea markets or to export abroad? We offer a mix of new and used goods consisting of household items such as pots, pans, dishes and cutlery as well as electrical items, decoration and tools.

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Cream Textile

Cream + 1. First Class Textiles for Second Hand Shops

Our cream consists of high quality branded items and new items and ensures that you get the best product for your second hand shop or online shop. Our cream is in top condition, clean has no defects and current fashion. You can order summer, spring / autumn and winter goods for men, women and children.

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Order a sample package now and convince yourself of our quality!

Request a quote

If you need further information or would like an offer for second hand clothes or used shoes, please write to us or call us directly.

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Order sample package

We will gladly prepare a sample package for you. So that you can convince yourself of our quality. The sample package can contain up to 30 kg used shoes, second hand clothes and flea market articles!

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Place an Order

Place your order quickly and we will quickly make you an offer. Alternatively, you can send us a WhatsApp message or email. Our colleagues will take care of your order.

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Our Sorting Hall

Our Qualities for sorted second hand clothes

Order a sample package now and convince yourself of our quality!

Grade A + Creme – First Quality

Grade A including Creme with hgh quality sorted products by luxury brands, current fashion, adults, young fashion style, and children. It is the most common combination of new and second hand clothes we sell. It is our top tier of used clothes which is generally considered 100% wearable and affordable.
Also we do select shoes & handbags of high quality.

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Grade A+B (First + Second Quality)

Mixed grade clothing is used clothing which consists of Grade A + Grade B, with a very small portion of waste (less than 15%). However, with our wholesale mixed grade used clothing for export, you are getting the best value. This is because once you sort out the waste, you are left with Grade A + Grade B.

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Grade B – Second Quality

This is one grade lower than the most commonly sold Grade A clothing. Wholesale grade B used clothes will be more worn out than its grade A counterpart. You may see more light stains or smaller rips in some of the clothing.

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Gerne können Sie uns telefonisch, per Mail oder per WhatsApp kontaktieren. Wir beantworten schnellstmöglich Ihre offenen Fragen.

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